Project Description
Utterly breathtaking perfectly describes both the property and the lavish harbour views it enjoys. The home, originally designed for an electrician, was built under a discerning eye. Every detail was inspected with care, and every construction decision was made with a lifetime of distinguished expertise. When we were called in to design lighting solutions for the property, we treated the invitation as an honour. Our focus was on enhancing an already sleek and visually stunning kitchen with the best possible application of a Vantage Control System lighting installation, allowing the homeowners to set the perfect mood for any occasion with unparalleled control. We also sought to extend that same control over the home’s exterior, installing integrated colour changing cove lighting, and Exterior IP67 RGBW (colour change) outdoor living up-lighting. The result is an environment capable of instantly adapting itself to any occasion, a natural extension of the client’s existing smart home functionality.
“Dave worked with us on the design and supply of a quality LED lighting solution for the new high-end home we have just completed. He provided a selection of LED and Neon Strip along with DMX Dimming control drivers to suit the Vantage Automation system we installed. Dave’s expertise and knowledge was invaluable, and we ended up with a superb solution!”
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