Project Description
Located moments from Mauao with views of Mount Maunganui Main Beach and Moturiki, this masterclass home required a lighting design that would live up to its luxury build and finish. The brief from the client was for a modern, minimal look that would allow space to incorporate some of their own feature fittings. With its impressive frontage and prominent position in downtown Mount Maunganui, our goal for this property was a lighting design with the necessary ‘wow factor’ to make an impact from the street. This was achieved by highlighting key architectural features on the exterior with extensive LED strip lighting. These LED strip lights were recessed into the concrete forms of the home and underneath its cantilevered balconies to create a warm and luxurious glow that hinted at the property within. This theme was continued inside, where the interior fit-out is complemented by LED strip lighting that is integrated into the walls of the entryway and recessed underneath the kitchen island, statement fireplace, and above the bedheads. The living space, hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms are finished with trimless downlights that offer comfort and functionality without detracting from the presence of the rooms.
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