Flat Freddie 14

Much like its close cousin, Downhill Dan 14, Flat Freddie 14 is a compact solution providing “dot-free” lighting. A versatile system suitable for various mounting options, Flat Freddie 14 can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended. Both wire and rod suspension options are available and a simple method of recessing into plasterboard ceilings provides a clean, trimless look.

Product Description


Task lighting in kitchen cabinetry, lighting for shelving or display units, hallway lighting.


Interior and exterior (with IP65 or IP67 rated LED strip).


Aluminium body, polycarbonate diffuser, AES plastic end caps.

Light Source

LED ribbon strip.

Power Supply

24V DC – remote driver options ranging from 6W up to 320W.


Various options available including Casambi, DALI, 0-10V, DMX – please enquire.

diffuser options

Opal Polycarbonate, Clear Polycarbonate

led strip options
  • Customised lengths and configurations, made to measure.
  • New Zealand designed and made.
  • Uniform lighting (reduces or eliminates the appearance of LED ‘dots’ with opal diffuser).
  • Provides heat sinking for high wattage LED strips.
  • Dust and grease protection.
mounting options
  • Surface Mounted
  • Recessed
  • Rod Suspended
  • Wire Suspended
finish options
  • Natural Silver Anodised
  • Textura White Powder Coat
  • Textura Black Powder Coat
  • Custom Powder Coat Colours.
  • Product Information
    Download the most up to date product information: Data Sheet, Installation Instructions, Photometric Files and BIM models.
  • Download
    Product Information Pack
    Click to view @ Dropbox.com

Joining & Mounting Accessories

Joinery Mounting Clip


Straight Joiner
Straight Joiner


90 Degree Joiner


Adjustable mounting bracket
Adjustable Mounting Bracket


Suspension rod
Suspension Rod – 0.5m, 1m, 2m

ROD-0.5M / ROD-1M / ROD-2M

Surface mounted rod suspension kit
Surface Mounted Rod Suspension Kit (Rod Not Incl.)


Recessed rod suspension kit
Recessed Rod Suspension Kit (Rod Not Incl.)


Cable Base 60, Recessed

CB-60-R-S (SILVER) / CB-60-R-W (WHITE)

Cable Base 80, Surface Mount


Wire suspension
Wire Suspension – 1M, 2M, 4M

SWK-1-1M / SWK-1-2M / SWK-1-4M

Recess cowling for plasterboard


Recess cowling End Cap for plasterboard


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