Project Description
Situated on a spectacular waterfront section with uninterrupted views of Mauao, this project was another collaboration with architect Brendon Gordon. The brief called for simplicity and excellence, and the lighting design was built into the home from the project’s outset to achieve the desired result. Multiple lighting layers were used to achieve total ambience in all spaces, inside and out. The open plan kitchen, living, and dining area feature statement lights above the dining table and kitchen bench, while discreet downlights were positioned into cutouts in the timber-clad ceiling to provide full coverage of the living area without distracting from the home’s finish. All lighting features were connected to a sophisticated C-Bus control system, allowing the owners to program and customise every area of the house and adjust the atmosphere depending on their mood or the time of day. The result is a seamless living experience in line with the property’s prestige location and build.
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